The odyssey book 1 study questions

Discussion questions for the odyssey books 1, 2, 5, 9 and beyond: what are odysseus’s most striking attributes how do we know this what evidence is there in the text. Quizzes education subject english poem odyssey the odyssey quiz books 1-5 the odyssey quiz books 1-5 15 questions number of questions:.

Short answer study guide questions - the odyssey book i 1 what is the purpose of the first ten lines of the poem 2 why had odysseus not yet return home from the trojan war. 1 the telemachus subplot is a traditional coming-of-age story what standard elements does this subplot share with other coming-of-age stories why and in what. The odyssey book i study guide the odyssey translated by robert fitzgerald 1 the opening lines of the epic constitute the invocation of the muse.

the odyssey books 1-4: notes due friday 1/10 (3/5) and monday 1/13 (2/4) an uncertain identity prince telemachus is the first human character whom the reader meetshe is the son of the long-missing greek warrior odysseus, king of ithaca. Name: class period: date: the odyssey unit test ____ 1 part 1 of the odyssey is mainly about odysseus’ please answer 2 of the following questions. Answers to 180 short answer test questions that evaluate students' knowledge of the odyssey 1 in book 1, who seeks to punish the odyssey from bookrags (c). Study guide to books 1-4 of the odyssey here is a general question to keep in mind as you read the first four books of the odyssey questions over book 2.

While the odyssey is a classic, it can be hard to understand review the book with these sample questions and answers to make sure you're prepared for discussion or a quiz. “the odyssey study guide: guided reading questions important information not included in your book 1 the odyssey by homer – summaries and study questions.

Each book of the odyssey is labeled complete questions #1-4 on your they are here to complement your study of the odyssey, not to be your study of the.

1 the odyssey by homer study guide questions when you get to the website listed on ms sparks webpage, you will need to answer the questions after you. Questions for middle school/high school study of homer's odyssey using the discussion group approach.

Top odyssey quizzes & trivia the odyssey quiz books 1-5 take quiz use your odyssey book and study guide to answ. View study questions for the odyssey(1)docx from eng 101 at east ms cc study questions for the odyssey book 1: what is the basic situation of each of the main characters-odysseus, telemachus, and. The odyssey book 1 study guide questions vocabulary words for the odyssey study questions (book 1-4) includes studying games and tools such as flashcards.

the odyssey book 1 study questions Home literature study guides the odyssey discussion questions page 1 the odyssey study guide also shown in odysseus's visit to laertes in the last book. Download
The odyssey book 1 study questions
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